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International Students

International students undertaking full time post-secondary studies in Newfoundland and Labrador may be eligible for MCP coverage.

The program applies to any foreign individual issued an official study permit by Citizenship and Immigration Canada before entering the country. The individual must be attending a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Newfoundland and Labrador for a period of at least 12 months. Dependents of the student will also be covered under MCP, provided they are living in the province and have relevant documentation to support their application.

In order to receive coverage, international students must apply for and receive an MCP card (Medical Care Plan (MCP) Application Form PDF (45 KB)). Coverage becomes effective for eligible students and dependents on the later of the date of enrollment in a full time post-secondary program or arrival in the province. Eligible students must present a letter of enrollment from the educational institution at the time of registration. Coverage must be renewed annually at which time a current letter of enrollment must be provided. Coverage terminates upon completion of the study program; termination from the study program; or the date of permanent departure from the province, whichever is earlier. Students must be attending school and residing in the province in order to avail of coverage.

Coverage is available for services listed under the Medical Care Insured Services Regulations and the Hospital Insurance Plan Regulations. Health insurance for other services (ie. coverage of prescription drugs) may be available for International Students to purchase through their post-secondary institution (i.e. Memorial University).

International students temporarily leaving the Province for vacation or other purposes may qualify for out-of-province coverage for up to 182 days in any 365 day period. The residency requirement for international student beneficiaries must be satisfied in each subsequent 365 day period in order to receive future out-of-province coverage. In order to ensure out of province coverage, international students must apply for and receive an Out-of-Province Coverage Certificate PDF (28 KB) prior to leaving the province.

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