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TeleClaim -- MCP Electronic Billing Software for Providers

MCP has developed its own claims preparation and reconciliation software, TeleClaim, that allows providers to electronically prepare claims for medical and dental services. This includes Medical In-Province, Medical Out-of-Province, Radiology, Dental Claims, Surgical Dental, and Alternate Billing Claims (ABS).

TeleClaim can be used in conjunction with Secure File Transfer (SFT). TeleClaim and SFT are provided free of charge.

TeleClaim performs limited edit checks on the data entered for each claim. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that claims are correct.

It is necessary that users have basic knowledge of computers and the Windows operating system being used, such as navigating menus, copying and pasting files, altering printer settings, etc.

MCP will provide TeleClaim support by telephone and / or email. MCP will not provide support for hardware, network, or operating system issues, or provide support for other software packages. It's recommended that you seek the assistance of an IT professional for installation and ongoing support.


  • Works with Windows Operating System
  • Provides data entry for Fee-for-Service Claims and Alternate Billing Claims
  • Allows the user to enter and maintain a list of fee codes for each provider
  • Allows entry of basic patient information
  • Includes remarks and diagnostic codes with descriptions
  • Allows the user to review, correct, and resubmit rejected claims
  • Facilitates paid claims reconciliation
  • Provides simple reports for submission files, remittance statements, and outstanding claims
  • Allows the user to compose free form letters to MCP

Minimum Requirements:

  • PC running a Windows operating system (minimum Windows XP)
  • 100 MB free hard drive space
  • A printer driver must be installed even if no printer is present
  • Internet and email

Providers who wish to submit claims electronically must complete and submit an Electronic Billing Application PDF (761 KB). An Electronic Billing Application must be completed and submitted for every billing location.

Please consult the TeleClaim FAQs and troubleshooting links below for more information.

For help with TeleClaim Software please contact the OCIO Service Desk at (709) 729-4357.

If you are using private vendor software, please first contact your vendor for assistance.

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