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Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council

The Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council reports to the Minister of Health and Community Services and advises on key mental health and addictions matters to formulate effective decision making and policy development.

The Council specifically advises on matters related to:

  • improve and/or prevent mental health and addictions problems.
  • the process and content of possible revisions to the provincial policy framework for addictions and mental health
  • the development, planning, delivery and evaluation of evolving mental health and addictions programs, services and support infrastructures
  • the establishment of a set of indicators to measure performance within the mental health and addictions plan and for service provision throughout the province.
  • how to increase public awareness and education of addictions and mental health issues in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Members of the Advisory Council bring diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experience in the area of mental health and addictions. They include:

  • Sheldon Pollett, Interim Chair, community service provider
  • Rita Notarandrea, national representative
  • George Skinner, social worker, advocate
  • Mary Walsh, actor, social activist
  • Peter Ralph, lived experience, advocate
  • Des Coombs, psychologist, central region
  • Michelle Kinney, northern region
  • Ron Fitzpatrick, community service provider
  • Thelma Whelan, western region
  • Paul Thomey, community service provider
  • Dr. Ted Callanan, psychiatrist
  • Paula Corcoran-Jacobs, lived experience, community service provider
  • Angie Wilmott, psychologist/ school guidance counselor
  • Mark Gruchy, advocate, lived experience, co-chair CC4MH
  • Dr. Greg Radu, psychiatrist, CC4MH
  • Patrick Hickey, advocate, youth rep
  • Lisa Browne, community service provider
  • Angela Crockwell, community service provider
  • Dave Banko, community service provider
  • Peter Cornish, researcher, university service provider

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