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Provincial Programs and Services

Mental Health Crisis Line (24 Hour)

Local: (709) 737-4668
Toll-Free: 1-888-737-4668

Gambling Helpline (24 Hour) Toll Free: 1-888-899-4357 (HELP)

In Newfoundland and Labrador, services for people affected by mental illness or addictions (such as alcohol, drug and gambling addictions) are mainly provided through family physicians and the four regional health authorities – Eastern Health, Central Health, Western Health and Labrador-Grenfell Health.

Programs and Services

Case Management

A service available in all regions designed to ensure that individuals with complex mental illness receive an appropriate and integrated level of care, treatment and support. Case management focuses on recovery. Both short and long-term services can be provided to clients and their families as required. Supportive care in a person’s home and community is meant for persons experiencing functional disabilities as a result of mental illness who require ongoing support in their daily lives.

Early Psychosis Program

This program is available in the eastern, central, and western health regions. It is staffed by nurses and physicians and deals with any person who is diagnosed with a major mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar illness so that long-term disability related to the illness is minimized. It provides assessment, treatment, medication management and long-term follow up to patients and their families.


The forensic division is comprised of a 17 bed medium security unit with a multidisciplinary team which provides court ordered assessments, treatment for persons under the Prisons Act and detention and treatment of persons found not criminally responsible (NCR) due to a mental disorder. The forensic division offers an outpatient clinic to follow clients from the unit after discharge or after serving sentences. A provincial forensic coordinator is a Social Worker who coordinates the care in hospital and in the community for all individuals found unfit to stand trial due to a mental disorder and those found not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder.

Gambling Helpline

The Gambling Helpline is a provincial 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year, phone service for individuals who are concerned about their own or another’s gambling. It is available for anyone experiencing a problem or negatively impacted by gambling, as well as family or friends. The helpline provides information, basic education regarding gambling problems, crisis intervention, and possible referral to other appropriate support services. For help, call 1-888-889-4357 (HELP)

Eating Disorder Program (Centre for HOPE - Healthy Opportunities for People with Eating Disorders)

Centre for Hope is a day treatment service located in St. John’s that serves the province’s children and adults dealing with eating disorders. It provides meal and weight management, medications, and individual, group, and family counselling through a multidisciplinary treatment team approach.

Humberwood Treatment Centre

The Humberwood Treatment Centre is a residential treatment centre located in Corner Brook and operated by Western Health. The centre provides a three week inpatient treatment program for men and women age 19 years and older who are experiencing a substance use and/or gambling problem. Individuals must be referred to the program by an addictions counselor or other community professional who will complete an assessment which explores the extent of the addiction and treatment goals. Clients participate in individual and group counselling, relaxation and leisure therapy, and education sessions. An extensive follow-up program is also provided through the outpatient offices at the completion of inpatient treatment.

Mental Health Crisis Line

The Mental Health Crisis Line provides a 24-hour telephone crisis intervention service, seven days a week, for anyone in crisis throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

Local: 737-4668 or Toll-Free: 1-888-737-4668

Mental Health Promotion and Prevention

Mental health promotion can be defined as any action which enhances the mental well-being of individuals, families, organizations or communities. The Department of Health and Community Services and the regional health authorities strive to promote mental health by ensuring their practices and policies have a positive effect on the mental well-being of those influenced by the practices and policies. Mental health promotion and prevention services are provided in each of the regional health authorities.

Mental health promotion is one of the components of the Provincial Wellness Plan.

The Canadian Mental Health Association website provides free resources on promoting mental health in the workplace.

The Community Addictions Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Fund is a provincial initiative designed for those who are interested in preventing addictions issues and promoting mental health to community members. All individuals, not-for-profit community groups, and organizations in the four health regions of Newfoundland and Labrador, with an interest in these issues, are eligible to apply for project funding through their regional health authority.

Recovery Centre

The Recovery Centre is a 19-bed provincial inpatient withdrawal management service located in Building 532, Pleasantville, St. John’s. The service is available to anyone 16 years and older, who is intoxicated or experiencing withdrawal from alcohol, drugs and/or gambling. Admissions can be self-referrals or through hospital emergency units, health professionals and community agencies such as the RNC. The length of stay is determined by individual need but typically ranges between six to 10 days.

The program focuses on stabilizing individuals’ physical and psychological health through the withdrawal process. An addictions counsellor is available to meet with clients of the Recovery Centre for assessment, crisis counselling and discharge planning purposes. Clients also have access to in-house education and group sessions, as well as on-site self-help meetings. The non-threatening, non-judgmental environment encourages clients to begin a recovery process.

Seniors Mental Health

Specialized assessment and mental health treatment services for seniors are provided through Eastern Health through inpatient units, and assessment unit, a geriatric psychiatry day hospital and community outreach services.

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