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Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council

The Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council (The Council) reports to the Minister of Health and Community Services (HCS). Council advises on key mental health and addictions matters to formulate effective decision-making and policy development; and provides oversight to the implementation of the recommendations in Towards Recovery, the mental health and addictions action plan for Newfoundland and Labrador.


  1. The Council will provide oversight for the implementation of the recommendations in Towards Recovery through a set of indicators that will measure process and outcome of the report’s recommendations.
  2. The Council will specifically advise the Minister of HCS on matters related to:
    • the process and outcome of the recommendations of Towards Recovery;
    • enhancing mental health and addressing/ preventing mental illness and problematic substance use;
    • public awareness, education and anti-stigma efforts; and
    • emerging priorities requiring immediate attention.

Members of the Advisory Council bring diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experience in the area of mental health and addictions. They include:

Sheldon Pollett, Interim ChairCommunity Service Provider, Youth Service Provider
Rita NotarandreaNational Representative-Addictions
George SkinnerAdvocate
Mary WalshActor/Advocate
Peter RalphLived Experience
Des CoombsPsychologist
Michelle KinneyNunatsiavut govt; Northern representative
Thelma WhalenEducation, Western region
Ted CallananProfessor, Psychiatry
Paula Corcoran-JacobsLived experience, Community Service Provider
Angie WilmottRegistered Psychologist, School guidance counselor
Mark GruchyCommunity Coalition 4 Mental Health
Dr. Greg RaduCommunity Coalition 4 Mental Health
Patrick HickeyAdvocate
Lisa BrowneCommunity Service Provider
Angela CrockwellCommunity Service Provider

To learn more about the Advisory Council and their most recent activity report, please click here PDF Icon  (448 KB).

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