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Provincial Recovery Council for Mental Health and Addictions

The Provincial Recovery Council for Mental Health and Addictions reports to the Minister of Health and Community Services and provides guidance and advice on supporting patients and clients through the recovery process. The council works closely in partnership with the Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council.

The Recovery Council will provide input and advice to the Minister of HCS on matters related to:

  1. mental health, problematic substance use and addiction treatment issues which affect individuals and families;
  2. person-centered care which promote the use of recovery focused, harm reduction and inclusive approaches;
  3. family and caregiver issues and perspectives;
  4. peer support;
  5. eliminating stigma and discrimination; and
  6. progress reports received from the Executive Committee on the Towards Recovery Action Plan.

Members of the Recovery Council bring diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experience in the area of recovery. They include:

  • Paula Corcoran-Jacobs (Chair of the Recovery Council)
  • April Anderson
  • Suzanne Barry-Kroening
  • Jeffrey Bourne
  • Norma Connolly
  • Amelia Curran
  • Jason Earle
  • Mike Herrell
  • Arch Pardy
  • Rick Pittman
  • Joanne Power
  • Peter Ralph, Q.C
  • Amanda Rich
  • Danielle Stennett
  • Alexandra Young
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