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Vacation Supply Coverage

Beneficiaries travelling outside the province for vacation only for more than 100 days will be allowed to obtain up to two prescriptions (maximum of 180 day supply) for the same medication before leaving Newfoundland and Labrador as approved by the Prescriber.

NLPDP will allow pharmacies to dispense up to two 90 day fills for each medication (including benzodiazepines and anti-depressants). The usual dispense fee is to be applied to each 90 day prescription as per the PANL Contract. This will allow a 180 day maximum supply of medication for beneficiaries to take with them. Prescriptions for narcotics can only be dispensed in 30 day supplies.

Beneficiaries will be responsible for applicable copayments for each 90 day supply of the prescriptions.

NLPDP will not be responsible for the replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged medications (e.g., break in cold chain for medications requiring refrigeration). Replacement of these medications will be at the Beneficiary’s expense.

The Beneficiary should request his/her vacation supply from the pharmacy at least 4 days before leaving the province to ensure the pharmacy has enough stock on hand and provide the pharmacist with the following information;

  • Dates of departure and return
  • Destination
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