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Brochures, Pamphlets and Other Resources

The Department of Health & Community Services publishes and/or distributes hundreds of titles in the public health and health promotion area. These resources have been either developed by the provincial consultants or purchased based on their recommendations. Publications are reviewed on an ongoing basis with their regional counterparts and new titles are constantly being developed.

These resources are stored at several depots throughout the province and are available to health professionals, community groups and the general public. All publications are free but staff reserve the right to limit quantities.

Publications can be ordered from the following regional locations.

Reproductive Health: Sexuality

  • Choosing a Contraceptive That's Right for You 2008
    Comparison chart for different types of contraceptive methods. Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada.
  • Get the Facts About Preventing Teen Pregnancy 2009
    This pamphlet gives adolescents the facts about teenage pregnancy and sexuality. Reproductive Health Consultants, Central & Western Health Authorities
  • Reproductive Health:

  • Are You A Woman 50-69 You Are Invited To The Breast Screening Centre
    Promotes the Breast Screening Centre. Breast Screening Program, NL
  • Breast Health Awareness
    Promotes importance of breast awareness. Breast Screening Program, NL
  • Breast Screening Program 2010
    • Bookmark
    • Poster
    • Sticker
    Promotes the Breast Screening Program.  Breast Screening Program, NL
  • Breast Screening Program-Appointment Card 2010
    Internal use by Breast Screening Centres. Breast Screening Program, NL
  • Breast Self Examination 2010
    Describes a three step program for breast self examination and what to do if you find a lump. Breast Screening Program of NL
  • Screening Mammogram For Women 50-69 2010
    Explains the importance of a mammogram, what it is, how to prepare and how to detect breast cancer early. Also discusses safety concerns. Breast Screening Program, NL
  • Menopause: A Natural Change 2005
    A booklet containing information for women on the signs and symptoms of menopause including self-help measures to alleviate them. Also provides information on hormone replacement therapy. Health & Community Services, NL
  • Testicular Health: Lets Talk About It 2011
    A discussion of the importance of the purpose of TSE and the steps to performing it. Central & Western Health Authorities

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Dental Health

  • Your Baby is Teething 2013 PDF (443 KB)
    Provides information on symptoms of teething and tips to make relieve discomfort for the baby.
  • Keeping Baby’s Teeth Healthy 2011 PDF (565 KB)
    Answers the important questions about baby’s teeth in regard to bottle feeding, tooth decay and care of baby’s teeth. For distribution to new mothers and mothers with new children.
  • Pregnancy And Your Teeth And Gums 2007
    Discusses issues regarding oral health during pregnancy including healthy eating, sensitive gums and dental visits.
    Health & Community Services, NL

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Vision Health

  • Notification for parents of Vision Screening. To be distributed to school-aged children following screening. Health & Community Services, NL

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Environmental Health

Recreational Water Other Environmental Public Health Issues

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Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control

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Provides factual information on the titled drug covering such topics as short and long term effects, the potential for addiction, withdrawal symptoms, treatment options, risks associated with use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and legal aspects.

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