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Wait Time Data

Provincial Wait Time Updates

Data Legend

DS = Data suppression: This indicates that a region or hospital performed 5 or less cases during the reporting period. To protect patient privacy, wait times associated with these small volumes will not be reported.
NC = Non-compliant: This indicates that a region or hospital did not report wait times data to the Department by the deadline for publication on this website.
NS = No service: This indicates that this service was not offered by the region or hospital at this time.
NV = No volume: This indicates either that a region or hospital did not perform this service during the reporting period, or that zero cases were carried out.

Data Limitations - Small Volumes

It is important to note that wait times calculated on a small number of cases over a short period of time can be misleading and should be interpreted with caution. This limitation may be evident in situations where patients experience unusually short or long wait times, as these short or prolonged wait times may skew the data resulting in the wait times that are artificially shorter or longer than they were for the majority of cases.

This trend will be observed in the wait time information reported for areas that treat a low number of patients, or similarly in a larger area where a small number of highly specialized procedures are performed.


The RHAs report de-identified, aggregate wait time data to the Department of Health and Community Services. This means that all patient identifiers (including the patient’s name) are removed before the data is grouped together to calculate the wait times.

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