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Provincial Wait Time Information

In December 2005, national wait time benchmarks were established in five (5) priority areas: radiation therapy, coronary bypass surgery, hip and knee replacements, hip fracture repair, cataract surgery, and diagnostics.

In keeping with the Provincial Government’s commitment to reduce wait times and to inform its citizens, the Department continues to monitor wait times and provide regular updates since December of 2005.

This section of the Department of Health and Community Services website provides benchmark wait time information to help patients, families, and health care professionals make informed choices regarding access to care.

Understanding Wait Times

Wait times are a measure of how efficiently patients are gaining access to medical treatment and care. They also indicate the health care system’s ability to meet the continually changing demands to provide care in the most appropriate setting in a timely way.

This information is used by health care providers to monitor and manage wait lists, and to identify solutions to address bottlenecks or backlogs in the systems which result in unreasonable waits. It also provides patients and health care providers with information to compare wait times at other hospitals, allows them to make informed decisions on where to access care, and is also helpful in planning for the location of health services so that they are available where needed the most.

Wait time information increases system accountability and supports health care decision making.

About Wait Times Data

In Newfoundland and Labrador, the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) are responsible for monitoring and reporting wait time data to the Department of Health and Community Services on a regular basis. This information is then compiled by the Access and Clinical Efficiency Division for reporting on this web site. The RHAs are responsible for ensuring the information they provide is verified and accurate before being sent to the Department.

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